6sisc Middle Finger Scented Candle Light Yellow Danish Pastel Room Aesthetic Decor Pine Aromatherapy Candles Natural Vegan Soy Wax Hand Gesture Fragrance Candle for Home Bedroom Supplies Birthday Gift

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  • Middle Finger Candle: This candle has a personalized design style, a gesture that shows your attitude and position. You can use this candle to express your mood and your view on life. Place it as a decorative piece in your room that will highlight your unique style.
  • Size and Material: The size of the scented candle is about 3.5 * 1.9 inches, made of natural soy wax and corduroy, safe and non-toxic. These materials are natural and free of paraffin and harmful residues. When the candle burns, it emits a light fragrance that will be soothing to the senses.
  • Pleasant Pine Scent: Our candles combine the fresh scent of pine wood so that you can always experience the wonderful world of aromatherapy. Its long-lasting fragrance helps to relieve fatigue and relax the body and mind.
  • Creative Gift: This is a great gift choice for family, friends, colleagues and young people. It is beautifully packaged and innovatively designed, making it an ideal aromatherapy gift for most occasions, such as birthday parties, theme parties, housewarming gifts, anniversary gifts, home decoration, etc.
  • Warm Tips: Put the candle in a heat-resistant container or base. Burn within sight and keep away from any flammable materials. Keep away from children.

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