6sisc 90Pcs Mental Health Awareness Silicone Bracelet Button Pins Stickers Set Courage Strength Hope Wristbands Bracelet Buttons Enamel Badge Vinyl Stickers for Mental Health Month Charity Supplies

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  • Mental Health Awareness - You can use these mental health awareness themed button pins,  enamel badges, wristbands and stickers to promote mental health and make more people aware of the importance of mental health, so that you and I can turn to the sun and have a more positive and happy life!

  • What You Get - The package contains 90 pieces of mental health awareness kit, which includes 16  tinplate badges in various patterns; 16 silicone bracelets in two different colors and designs; 50 stickers in different styles; and 8 mental health awareness ribbon enamel badges, which not only meets your daily matching needs, but also enables you to share them with your friends.

  • Inspirational Design - Our products are designed around the theme of caring for mental health, not only the classic green belt elements, but also cute patterns and inspirational words, such as courage, hope and strength, etc., to give hope to those who are suffering from mental pain, so that the beauty of the world are intertwined with them!

  • Durable Material - Bracelets are made of silicone, badges are made of tinplate, green ribbon badges are made of oil dripping material, the material is reliable and the ingredients are safe, they are reusable, light weight and easy to carry. Stickers are made of self-adhesive material, they are sticky, waterproof, tear-resistant, not easy to fade, and they are easy to use.

  • Meaningful Accessories - Mental health awareness stickers can be used to decorate mugs, suitcases, laptops, cell phones, etc.; badges can also be pinned on top of clothes, bags, hats, backpacks, etc., and are able to be used in promotional campaigns, support groups, charitable gatherings, and campus educational events to increase the contagiousness of the event and bring more attention to mental health issues.


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