6sisc 12Pcs Vaccination Card Protector for CDC Immunization Record Clear Plastic Sleeve with Color Lanyard Slots for ID Card Medical Information Notification CDC Encouraged Public Health and Clinical

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Super Value: Pack 12 vaccination card protectors with 12 color lanyards could be used by more people for a long time without worrying about the trouble of replacement.
High-definition soft: The high-definition soft protective cover ensures that the card placed in it is not damaged and can be accurately read.
Suitable size: 3.9” x 4.5”. It can be used to place ID card, medical information, name tag, pass, work permit, student card, specialist ID.
Unique colorful lanyard: 16.1inches. The lanyard comes in 12 different colors with the words "CRUSHING COVID" and "Covid-19 VACCINARED".
Suitable for many occasions: medical institutions, health records, business meetings, concerts, buses, community charity, campus activities, etc.

Let everyone know that you have helped end the Covid-19 epidemic!

Package: Pack of 12 Clear Vaccination Card Protectors with 12 color lanyards. The package includes extra sticker as a gift.
Id Card Protector: 3.9 x 4.5inches
Lanyard: 16.1inches.

Suitable for hospital, medical center, vaccine station that offer Covid-19 vaccine.


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